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Better Promo are custom made plush toys professionals. We can custom design your plush toy to fit your brand, school or charity needs. We have stock available plush toys that can have labels or logos added or we can custom manufacture your products from our or your design.

Plush Toys Have Great Appeal

No, stuffed toys are not just for kids anymore. These cuddly toys have made a leap from being just toys for children to becoming gift items for both corporate and personal events and promotions. Promotional stuffed animals have gained popularity over the years because of their versatility and their wide appeal, and are now used all over the world by marketers for their marketing campaigns.

As so many different animals can be used as promotional plush toys, they offer a wide variety for you to choose from. You can pick the one that best comes close to what your company, foundation, agency, hospital, school, or team represents, and the message you wish to transmit. They also make for excellent free logo-bearing, message branding or incentive giveaways.

Advantages of Stuffed Toys

Stuffed animal promotional items have several advantages:

  • They carry great appeal
  • They are a tangible representation of the brand
  • They are popular for fundraising events
  • They have high earning potential for fundraising events
  • They are passed on, rather than tossed away if the recipient does not want them
  • They are a long-lasting reminder of a company, an event, or a promotion
  • They come in a wide variety of animals and colours
  • They can be modified to be used as magnets
  • They can be modified to be used as key chains
  • They transmit a message of caring.

One of the most important ways that stuffed toys can influence

How Are Promotional Plush Toys Modified and Usedr

Promotional plush toys can be modified in a number of ways to transmit your marketing message. They can:

  • Carry a t-shirt or any other item of clothing bearing a company logo, brand colours or message. This is the most popular way.
  • By bearing an embroidered message or sewn-on-label
  • By having a hang tag suspended on the toy

Another way that plush toys can be used as a promotional item is by having them as mascots. The significance of the word mascot comes from the French mascotte, which means a good luck charm. It first began to be used by the English towards the end of the 19th century. Today, plush toys are used as mascots to represent a brand or sports teams.

Larger mascots are also used as conversational spokespeople for different products and may, or may not bear the brand logo. Using life-sized or giant mascots as spokespeople for conversational interactions with consumers, especially where children are involved, goes a long way in creating a love for the brand.  More often than not, it creates an impression that is hard to forget.